Why Vinyl is better than wood for exterior wall cladding

Vinyl for exterior wall cladding
Vinyl for exterior wall cladding

Home improvement is a task that never ends, because there are a lot of new materials and products owners can choose to make their homes comfortable and attractive. The only way homeowners can reduce home improvement tasks is the search for materials or parts that can match your needs and long term. As regards the cosmetic outdoor improvement as the coating of the outer wall, most homeowners prefer the traditional vinyl homolog wood because of the following features below.


Paneling is made of wood. Of course, everyone knows that wood can last long. However, there are many problems that can affect the credibility of the wood, such as water and parasites, which can be a huge expense. Fortunately, vinyl siding can withstand water problems. In addition, vinyl siding does not attract pests. Therefore, this type of coating can be used for a long period of time.


Regarding maintenance, vinyl is also little or no maintenance. In addition, the cleaning vinyl is also a breeze as you only need to use a mild solution and a brush or cloth. Unfortunately, when the wood is used, the owners have to do a lot of maintenance of paint, re-oiling, and even fill cracks to ensure that the wood siding will last long.


Regarding the appearance, many homeowners still choose wood siding because it has a unique and natural attraction to the house. Gradient, rings, and increases the grain of the wonderful aesthetics of the coating. But if you are looking for a more contemporary look to match your modern home, vinyl siding can provide these features.


As for installation, vinyl siding is easier and more convenient to install because it is lightweight and flexible. Therefore, it can be installed easily even in unusual wall shapes. In addition, wood installation can be a daunting task, because it is heavy. Apart from this, there are cases where it is necessary to hire experts to carry out the job properly.


Finally, the costs and the vinyl wood coatings are substantially the same. Costs can vary depending on the type of wood or vinyl type of texture you want. Size can also change the coating costs. Therefore, it is important to measure your home properly to avoid spending when buying.

Knowing all this, owners can easily select the right wall covering that can match your needs and preferences.

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