Tips on buying wicker garden furniture

Rattan Wicker furniture
Rattan Wicker furniture

Tips on buying wicker garden furniture

Real or synthetic?

Ratan is closely related to the palm and usually develops in Southeast Asia. Given that it is considered one of the strongest and most viable woods in the world, it is ideal for the manufacture of wicker furniture; Wicker is the old weaving technique, not the material itself.

Although authentic rattan is often aesthetically favored, it can be molded and simply does not last as long as the synthetic rattan is exposed to the elements. For this reason, it is best suited for indoor use, which means it can be a single horse. Synthetic rattan, secondly, has greater durability and weatherability, which means that it is also suitable for both inside and outside. If you have the space to carry your furniture inside when the weather is at its worst, you can not expect compared to the original. However, if you prefer your furniture is left out all year round, synthetic rattan may be the best choice for you.


You will need to consider the quality of materials and construction if you need strong and solid furniture that will last you for decades. The Rattan Raucord is weather resistant, color resistant and scratch resistant UV and temperature, which means it is the best choice when it comes to synthetic rattan, even if all synthetic products should offer a good level of resistance to the outdoor. UV protection is the main feature of controlling your furniture or become brittle, cracked and / or fade after exposure to sunlight.

You should also make sure that your rattan furniture is based on a corrosion resistant aluminum and rust place or steel structure if left out.

You should also consider the fabric. Wicker thick fabric is likely to unravel and prove superfluous, so choose a tighter fabric and make sure there are no fibers that protrude or rough edges.

under maintenance

Natural and synthetic wicker furniture requires very little care, except a cleaning task, from time to time. However, as the natural rattan offers less resistance to the weather, synthetic rattan is much easier to hold as a whole. To clean, use hot water and soap or just wash your furniture.

You should also look for high-quality cushions that can be left out for most of the year, even in the rain. However, to keep them clean and durable, cushions should be stored during inclement weather and during winter.

Your space

Consider the style of your garden and any pre-existing furniture you may have. You want your furniture to be consistent with the overall appearance of your space. You can find traditional or contemporary rattan furniture so you can easily integrate into your space. Consider the function of your furniture – are you looking for a set of broken dressings for a nice outdoor dining room or a luxury lounger to soak up the sun’s rays? And while this may seem obvious, be sure to measure your space to make sure that your furniture will work properly because you want to avoid overcrowding.

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