The tricks of the old commercial Restorers

You inherited Sentimental old grandma or found a convincing piece of furniture in the flea market only appeal to you, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to restore a piece of furniture that has a missing or damaged tie traction work or kick of displacement. More often than not, after searching in vain for lack of a duplicate, old furniture is relegated to the attic or basement to wait for the next generation to try his luck restoration. But the story does not always end like this. As a matter of fact, you can more often have a happy ending if you follow the advice of the workshop of Old Masters.

Most of us are good with strippers, steel wool and paint and stains. It does not require much training to implement them, patience and attention to detail. Paint or stain but can not cover the fact that a pulling or drawing wall may be missing, irrespective of the thickness of the shell of the paint. However, it is not as difficult as you think to duplicate a handle, pull the drawer of our work shift missing if you have the right materials and a copy to work. Then all you need are a few steps to create a mold and cast a duplicate.

For beginners, I recommend a silicone mold putty when the two parties combined and mixed; will set in about five minutes. It becomes a quick mold and study before it heals thick enough for the consistency of putty or clay, therefore, easy to apply without runs or drips. Once well mixed, just press the scroll work against mold putty twice in his cabinet and let it heal. For a knob or handle drawer missing, cover the entire surface of all other controls or strip and let dry silicone.

Once cured, the sealant silicone mold assembly is flexible enough to be stretched so that the original item can be removed from it without breaking. So as you can see, the mold part does not really require decision making. It comes in two parts, combining equal parts of each and work on the palms of mixing together. Each part is a different color, so the aim is to mix the two sides deep enough to not see marbling color, even just a color. That’s how you know is suitably combined. A great advantage of the silicone used in other materials mold is that it is not necessary to apply a release agent to the surface of their work before applying silicone mold material.

As for the decision, it is the opposite of molding materials. Here are a number of important decisions to be made. First you need to determine the type of material as the original has been designed from. It is made of wood, metal or plastic? It’s a pretty easy call. But if it’s metal, it is this kind of metal? Whatever the source material may be, the double molding material created by the same method. For example, if the timber is doubled after acquiring wood dust. It is a common shell flour pecan. The formula combines a third of walnut shell flour with a third part of the polyurethane resin and quick adjustment of the third part B of the same resin. When completely mixed is poured into the mold and allowed to harden. Fast setting resin cure in about fifteen minutes. After curing, the part is polished by “0000” steel wool to expose the surface of the wood. All that is necessary is to double the original color by applying a wood stain carefully matched.

For a copy of the piece of metal, metal powders are used and combined with the polyurethane resin in proportion to the wood dust. Various kinds of metal powders available on the Internet, the most common of bronze, brass, copper and tin. Make sure they are well enough to properly combine resin. You must specify a 325 mesh screen to be sure.

These simple tips restoration, but effective can bring cherished by those pieces of furniture injured life so you can enjoy for generations .. can also allow you to restore low cost flea market furniture and forth about a quick profit. So with these tips in mind, happy antiques!

This technique is known as cold wash and name can be invaluable when you want to duplicate a part. There are a number of videos and DVDs for sale teach the nuances of this casting process online YouTube. The materials are simply readily available online as well. So give it a try. Click the link to find a list of offers for the reproduction of old materials.

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