Basic information ritual exchange: energy and clear the space with coal


Energy and clearing space back to ancient. It is impossible to trace the first who created and developed the practice, because it is a ritual gift in all cultures around the world.

There are several ways to make a clearing. I found the use of coal by accident. I had carefully kept a bag containing several items in my room at our ancestral. Now I’m here for a month, and had conducted intensive cleaning. I’ve had a couple of coals positioned in different areas of my room (for about two to four years, can not remember the exact number). But originally I put a different purpose. Therefore, I was surprised when I got to the room and across on this subject. As soon as the door opened, an energy field which he swallowed. I was totally baffled immediately leaned over to inspect it.

Data confirmed, I started at once to organize several of them in different areas of the house. As in the crystals, which are an interesting and unique way to the consciousness of their own. Familiarize yourself with them was one of the most enjoyable experiences I had as energy worker. I also learned more about salt in the process, but Salvemos on another subject.

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The hidden room

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I’ve always had a fascination with the concept of hidden rooms. Many of the books I read said secret passages or library if you knew of its existence, and who knew where and how to use it, you have to trust in something on a panel and the panel would slide open, allowing you to go to a hidden room .

I’ve never had the need for a hidden room that my privacy has always been respected. If you wanted to escape, I went to my room and closed the door. The message to everyone in the house was no bother, no knock on the door, do not call your name. Will come when ready.

Too bad I did not realize that I was sending this message, and was accepted, or not have been so intrigued by the concept of a hidden room that nobody knew. I kept imagining that it would be the only one who knew where the party to the panel, and was able to push in the right place to get the panel to move so I can get you off my hidden camera.

I just found an article on the hidden room behind the library and showed a lot of pictures of how these rooms were detected by others. Most of them seemed too easy to find, but there were a couple of them appeared to be large shelters for children.

One had floor to ceiling library full of books that seemed never moved. In fact, if you look, it seemed the type libraries that are in the offices of physicians and dentists to their patient records. But when he moved to the library, and he has not said where the mobile panel was, it was a lovely atmosphere behind it for the kids.

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A lamp for every room in your home

I can never get tired of watching a lamp that is why I have a certain element in every room of my house. If people collect cars, clothes, shoes, dishes, tablecloths and love, I collect screen. I love how it looks, and frankly, it is a good accessory for any room. Illuminates an area. Lights and all space is revitalized. If there is something I can not live without, it is certainly a lamp.

I think the light removes curses or vibration. No wonder I feel good when my lamp is on My sisters tell me Accessories lamp more, but I beg to differ. That’s just my style. Some people like Italian furniture. Some want a retro style. Others are in the wood and rustic. But for me, it’s my home lighting effect. It’s just me.

A screen of my room …

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