Have fun choosing the right colors


Color Knocks Your Door!

It’s an exciting time to reevaluate some pieces and think of new ideas! Well, I have good advice for you! So we are talking about three main areas that require a little of that love that the wide selection of colors can offer. Spring is in the air, literally just around the corner, and the color brings a refreshing since!

Choose your concept!

Let’s be realistic. Deciding what color option to incorporate into your home can be exciting or annoying if you do not know where to start. Therefore, when selecting, it is always better to choose the base color you will use to build your visual concept. You will use this process, whether you are redesigning your living room directly in the basement. The choice of the basic colors improves the visual psyche and helps at the end of your selection process. Read More

New combinations of colors for your home

The painting interior wall is a reflection of the people occupying the space. While all the houses look the same on the outside, the mural is what makes it unique space. In the concrete jungle of our cities, it is important to personalize our space. The best way to do that is the wall color you choose. Wall color set the tone for the room. From a dramatic black and white theme in a soothing oasis blue wall color is important for the mood of the room.

Different areas of the house require different color combinations. The different parts of the house must be painted taking into account the usefulness of space, and wear in the area. Light walls in the room of children, for example, get dirty in minutes. So consider the use of space, while selecting the color of the wall.

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