Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons

You have the opportunity to choose your wood floor, and do not want to lose something ordinary. So why not give it a look of bamboo flooring?

Bamboo flooring is a grass, not a wood floor. The speed with which the media harvested bamboo growing bamboo was replaced much faster than the felled trees, bamboo flooring production has no negative effects on the environment. And bamboo offers a choice between a flat or vertical grain.

Its only drawback is that it is usually only available “honey” lighter shade or a dark amber achieved when steamed and pressure carbonization occurs. Carbonized bamboo flooring, however, is about 20% more flexible than the natural bamboo flooring. Some manufacturers offer the option of dyeing factory or stained bamboo flooring as an alternative.


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Bamboo Flooring Is Coming Of Age In Oregon

Many people find that bamboo flooring to be an interesting proposal when it comes to adding a touch of elegance to your home. Although similar to many types of hardwood floors, bamboo floors are much stronger and durable.

Another good thing about bamboo flooring is that it promotes ecological balance. Bamboo is developing rapidly. Once mature bamboo canes were collected, plants produce more cane. Since bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource, bamboo floors are a bit less expensive than hardwood floors.

In the United States, the main producers of bamboo flooring panels are along the west coast, and the best are in Oregon.

If you search the internet for suppliers of bamboo flooring, which will be flooded with hundreds of web sites that provide information about where to buy the best bamboo floors. Most research providers show of Oregon, and the rest indicate companies in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

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Bamboo flooring makes the design world by storm

Looking for something different for your home? Maybe you do not want to look like all its neighbors and want to stand out from the crowd? If not, maybe you just need a flooring option that is resistant to a lot of wear and love the natural look? Whatever your reasons, bamboo flooring is a new trend in the world of interior design and for good reason.

Benefits bamboo flooring

The three main reasons to use bamboo flooring are very simple.

1) The properties of soils

2) The aesthetic beauty of the prosecution

3) environmental benefits

Properties bamboo

By choosing the floor of your home, usually want a durable and sturdy floor. You do not want to install a floor has to be replaced in a few years if you have to choose a floor that will stand the test of time. Bamboo is a solid floor that is actually harder than most standard hardwoods. In fact, received a rating higher than maple strength and almost twice than Red Oak!

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