Security lighting in the house

Security lighting
Security lighting

I was talking to my daughter the other day, and I told her a story that could have gone much worse. I was cleaning my house when I came across a piece of charcoal on a 1 inch cushions on my couch! It was from my fireplace a piece of wood that was there on the sofa. While this little piece of charcoal burns a hole in my furniture, my house could have pushed the flames! We thank our stars that all they had to do was turn the sofa cushion!

As we age, however, turning our home with a fireplace is not the only concern we have. Many falls are caused by poor lighting and are not able to see where we are going. Whether it is to change light bulbs, or to change the path and times when you keep your house lights, here are some steps to prevent the lighting of your home:

1) Are the lights bright enough and your walls reflect this?

Can you see what awaits you? With the dark lights, the answer may be no. According to the Institute for Lighting, a retina requires larger lights 2-3 times brighter than those that are suitable for young people. Its walls can help increase the brightness – Done paint the walls and finishes with bright colors or light that reflect the light and brighten the room! The best type of light is a fluorescent lamp. Not only do they help to see better, they help distinguish between colors and more environmentally friendly!

2) Are your lights covered?

This may seem like a contradiction in view of the above, but the goal here is not to break the lights, but to avoid glare. Glare occurs when light is reflected on excessively bright and shiny surfaces, causing bright spots of light that can damage your vision. Lights should be covered with bright lights or opaque decks and positioned away from shiny surfaces, such as granite linoleum flooring or countertops.

3) Your floors that are clean and safe to travel?

If you are unsuccessful, make sure that your floor does not present a risk of falling, such as loose rugs, field items such as shoes, clothing and short furniture. Even with proper lighting, these elements can be overlooked and lead to a fall. Also, plan to compare furniture with walls (darker furniture) to make them easier to see.

4) Is lighting insurance up to date?

When you return to the fireplace, is your lighting safe? While a fireplace is not bright enough to light up your home alone, if you have one, do you have a security screen that will avoid the hot debris to get on the furniture? Also, consider the possibility of a gas fireplace with an on / off switch on the wall. This way you will not have to search to start or store it with the lighting and wood for traditional houses.

Another point of view

Also, if you live in an old house, you might want to make sure that the wiring is up to date. Make an appointment with an electrician to see if there is a fire hazard and make sure your home is bright enough and updated to prevent falls! If you live in an old house, outlets may not be able to handle the amount of tension your newer fixtures need. The only way to know is to ask the professionals. You should not have to sacrifice lighting and security of your home simply because you have old stores!

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