Kitchen Cabinets – Planning a makeover?

Considering remodeling your kitchen cabinets or design in the near future? According to what is necessary and what you decide to do, re-designing your kitchen can be one of the largest home improvement projects most homeowners do. I’m not just talking to you from the kitchen where you can make some additions or substitutions to customize the design with some decorative tiles in the kitchen, or add comfort features like a towel dispenser kitchen or kitchen cabinet organizers same. (Although it’s amazing how easy it can be to give your kitchen cabinets and doors of a new look with new handles and knobs!).

Consider what you should include in their plans kitchen …

To make it easier to remember, I’m the group subjects under 3 main categories – the facilities, space and design. We will conclude with some comments about the practices of “make it happen”. Think through each of them will be sure to develop a complete specification, and thus an overall cost of kitchen remodeling. And here we go …


What to include in your kitchen? Depends what you want from your kitchen.

For example, your kitchen should be used for food preparation and serving?
Then, the minimum for most family kitchens would be:

table or counter
storing food and food ingredients
storage for utensils such as pots, pans, pots, etc.
kitchen cutlery storage
Container (s) of waste

Other common elements to remember:

tea or coffee
Beverage dispenser

What about eating family? This usually takes place in the kitchen?

dining table and chairs
storing crockery and cutlery dining

Is your house has a laundry room or separately? If not, you will need to plan space for items such as

dryer, clothes dryer or other means


Once you have listed all essential appliances and comfort features you want in your kitchen, the next step is to check that there is enough room for everyone. Also remember – unless you’re going to make a major reconstruction work that will have to accept some “data”, such as:

position of the sink is limited by the location of water supply and sewerage plumbing, windows and probably
even a dishwasher or washing machine
Cooking hob positions and are limited by gas connections and controls and / or electrical

You will see a recurring theme in the above list – “storage” – for all kinds of food items to the cleaners. Therefore kitchen cabinets storage play an important role in distribution costs and space. Indeed, the main cost component in most projects kitchen redesign is the cost of kitchen cabinets and countertops, especially if you choose granite countertops.

You may already have experience in designing kitchen cabinet, which would be well advised to choose a contractor of the local cuisine, or at least visit a showroom kitchen renowned for ideas on how best to use the available space and develop practical ideas for possible floor plans kitchen.


With the development of potential floor plans, now is the time to put the overall design of your kitchen together. What styles Do you prefer – that would complement your home? Something contemporary – pure, clean, spacious and bright lines, maybe a lot of bright metal? Or a warmer grain natural combination or stained wood better – so elegant French cuisine, or perhaps a simple country style kitchen?

At this stage, you should consider all aspects of your kitchen – materials, colors, textures and styles to make sure you have a consistent look:

Appliances – “white line” or integrated

Making it happen

The first question you should (unless money is no object) is the amount of your existing kitchen – appliances and cabinets – could be reused and even lets you create your dream kitchen?

For example, if your cabinet frames are fundamentally sound, and the design of the existing plant is good for you, then you can avoid spending more than you need by simply editing kitchen cabinets, floors, walls, replacing old equipment and installation accessories contemporary cuisine.

At the other end of the cost (and disruption) scale, which could have an expert cabinetmaker manufacture kitchen cabinets, fully customized to your design preferences and style, with new appliances integrated into everything from decorative tiles cooking earth, and the kitchen backsplash designs custom image on the walls. It would also have a concept of modern kitchen island is in the center, and elegant safe space for family meals.

For many of us, however, no commitments we have to get as close as possible to our ideal kitchen always within the limits of affordability.

If this is the case, you might consider several approaches at lower cost for the construction of the kitchen, especially cabinet installation:

prefabricated cabinets – can be installed by an installer of kitchen (not as highly trained as a cabinetmaker)
flat-pack or ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets – you can install yourself, or technician Kitchen
Refacing your existing doors cabinets and drawers – specialized task, but probably less expensive than rebuilding all storage cabinets for the kitchen.

But what if you have finished entering the kitchen of your dreams, developed a practical configuration scheme, select your preferred style and choose the best approach for installing value, and yet much of your budget?

So you are probably only 3 possibilities:

Live it – divided the project into a series of sub-projects, and complete each that are affordable
Finance – take a loan to finance the project
Forget it – at least for now … to postpone their plans until you can afford.

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