How to Paint Stainless steel balustrades

To maintain a sleek look, have to paint your stainless steel railing regularly. To paint the railing, you must follow these steps:

Remove the old paint and rust

The first thing you should do is remove all traces of peeling paint or rust that might be visible on the surface of metal. Here, you must use a wire brush to brush along the rail.

You must move the brush back and forth in quick movements while simultaneously applying pressure to remove rust and paint. A metal file is also a great tool to use to get rid of rust.

Once the metal grid is completely smooth, must request a stripper no railing chemical methylene chloride. With a spatula, scrape the chemical stripper and paint the metal surface

After doing this, you must sand the rounded sides and corners of the balustrade with sandpaper medium grain. Sanding you must continue until the metal is soft. After smoothing must use a clean cloth to remove any loose paint or debris.

You must be sprayed phosphoric acid in the steel railing to get rid of any mold that might still be on the surface. When the acid is mixed with the oxide forming iron phosphate crust that can be easily removed. For best results, you should leave the acid evening with a brush next morning with a steel brush.

Paint the handrail

Before applying the paint must first apply an oil-based primer. To apply the primer needs to dip a brush seal in the primer and then applying to the metal surface. You must let the primer to dry 4-8 hours, after which you must apply the paint.

You must use an oil-based paint where you should start painting from the top and work your way up. For best results, you should apply a thin layer with the brush. You must use quick strokes in his paintings.

It is recommended to apply a second layer; However, you should let the first coat dry for at least four hours before applying the second coat. After applying the second coat should let the paint dry for at least 24 hours, after which you can start using the ramp.

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