How to design your child’s room?

These days, parents take great interest in interior decoration of your child’s room. Since the child will spend most of his time in his room, so it must be perfect in every way. The colors and the furniture should be designed keeping in mind your personality to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in the small space.

Things to consider:

Age of child: The design of the piece depends on the age of the child. The room of a small child would be completely different from that of a teenager. For young children, there must be enough room to move. A bed and rocking chair are the only things that are needed in terms of furniture. On the other hand, a teen room should have a bed, desk, puffs etc. You can use some comic posters to decorate your child’s room if he is in pre-adolescents. But teenagers have their own taste and prefer rockstar or celebrities and posters for their rooms.

Colors: The colors of love children so choose bright colors to your room. In adolescents, children experience many changes, both physically and psychologically. If your child grows, you can settle for pastel colors, as they have a calming effect. However, you can always opt for colors suppression bedding.

Lighting: Lighting is an important aspect for the nursery; either to study or recreation. table lamps, hanging lamps and night lights are a necessity for a child’s room.

Furniture: Light-toned furniture is fashionable these days. Complements both hot and cold. So you can choose furniture for your child’s room in natural wood. Use versatile furniture in your room with bunk beds. They are not only aesthetic but also offer storage space. All small things lying here and there can be stored in the drawers of the loft bed. A study table with an adjustable seat (which can be high) can also be used.

Storage: Each time you enter the room of a child is in a mess. To avoid this disaster, there should be plenty of storage room for your child. Apart from a closet, you can buy a bed of study or in bed with storage above or request. You can also have small cabinets against a wall for books.

Safety: Safety should be the primary concern in designing the room of children. The bed should not be placed in the vicinity of the door. Also, make sure that the furniture has no sharp edges. If you plan to have a berth in the children’s room, make sure you have handrails on both sides.

Kid Participation: Involve your child in the design process. Ask your opinion about the color of the walls, curtain fabrics, furniture, bedspreads color, etc to keep involved in the design process.

Some fun ideas that you can use for your child’s room:

1. A treehouse in a room jungle theme

2. Mario game on a shelf in the bedroom theme

3. Toy road car or monogram for boys

4. An awning above the game table for your princess to have parts

5. A room with bunk bed Storage

6. room with a bed, sofa, wardrobe and study area

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