Help Your Business Gain the Competitive Edge with FlexPod Services

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, FlexPod is actually a reference architecture (Data centre platform) for server, networking and storage components which is pre-tested and validated to work together as an integrated infrastructure stack.
The data centre platform was developed by Cisco and NetApp to host infrastructure software and business applications in both virtualized and non-virtualized environments.

Why a Business Needs FlexPod Services?

Managing traditional IT infrastructure can be a complex process leaving the IT staff of any organization with little or no time for carrying out any other tasks. This is where FlexPod comes in as
FlexPod services offer a clear advantage by providing centralized and more open management features.

These diverse features work in conjunction with one another by immediately integrating new automations and innovations by which they are able to analyse and control software in the data centre. By using the FlexPod services of Cisco UCS which use leading hypervisors and operating systems to provide well-coordinated system management throughout the different servers and desktop layers, FlexPod services is able to leverage virtualization technology.

Key Components of FlexPod:

Some of the reasons why FlexPod is able to provide excellent virtualized data solutions are as follows:
• FlexPod is a single platform that is built on a unified computing fabric and storage technologies, which are both popular and trusted.
• FlexPod works by using integrated components that enable a business to manage the entire IT infrastructure pool.
• FlexPod has an open design management framework which integrates with the existing third-party infrastructure management system.

Key Benefits of Using FlexPod Services:

Apart from being ensured that the services which include computing, networking, storage and server virtualization are provided by industry leaders, FlexPod also provides the advantages of:
• Assured deployment
• Business agility
• Flexibility and
• Efficiency

Bottom Line:

FlexPod services can support a wide variety of applications and operating systems without incurring high costs or forcing users to compromise in performance or capability.

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