Going Green with Bamboo Floors

Bamboo is like a hardwood, but is not a wood at all. Grass Hollow, is considered a renewable resource because it grows quickly recover. Bamboo can reach maturity in 5-6 years, growing to 80 feet tall. Considered the environment, many people take together

new look at bamboo flooring.

Did you know that bamboo is a woody plant the strongest growth on this planet. Some species of bamboo can grow up to one meter per day.

For the environmentally conscious, bamboo is essential to deliver oxygen to the atmosphere; generate more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees made. As the fastest growing canopy, bamboo reduces light intensity and protects against ultraviolet rays, while acting as an air purifier and soil. In other words, bamboo is an abundant natural resource and a viable alternative to deforestation of trees in the world. Choose a bamboo floor and help reduce the problem of global warming.

The practical bamboo floor

Bamboo floors have a similar hardness any wooden floor. When bamboo through the production process to become the floor, bamboo is strong enough to be converted into solid floor boards and engineering. You might consider installing bamboo flooring in a similar place would be good for wood floors.

Like wood, bamboo scratch. Therefore, look for bamboo flooring with a good finish for durability.

And like wood, bamboo flooring can be dyed. Although many people are leaving their natural bamboo flooring preferring light blonde color and terrestrial natural bamboo offers. Note that, as the forest every stain differently, so it is also true with bamboo. Therefore, it is expected to change their coloring boards.

Bamboo flooring comes in a pattern of vertical and horizontal grain. Check for samples to see the style you prefer … with cuts grain or against the grain. Grain patterns are very different from each other, so make sure you choose the cut bamboo that is right for you.

Installing Bamboo plant

Bamboo can be glued to concrete slabs, stapled to wood subfloors and floated over most existing floor. All you can do with a wooden floor, you can do with bamboo flooring. Bamboo floors are also available in styles also floating floor.

The bamboo flooring installation is almost the same methods as conventional wood floors. The type of bamboo flooring you choose determines the installation process.

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