Four innovative trends of small living space

As cities become more populated, living spaces are shrinking. Small living space has been the norm in big cities like New York and Los Angeles for decades. But now small towns are beginning to feel the space-crisis. The municipal councils across North America are part of the urban density of its future growth plans. With these urban plans come more compact homes and a must for city dwellers to get more creative with their living spaces. Here are four of the most popular for the life of the small space that help make homes more compact solutions:

1) The double rooms have: No more than residents of the city have the luxury of having an entire room dedicated to a single purpose. Instead, the bedrooms and the living room, kitchen, emergency room and den have pull double duty and even triple, serve multiple purposes. After market entrepreneurs create rooms that double as office space at home or transformed into hotels. Spare rooms and dens are also deployed in home offices that serve as bedrooms if needed. Combos kitchen / dining room are common, and kitchens that also serves as a laundry room. For a room used for multiple purposes, homeowners can live comfortably in smaller and the benefits that come with life in the city spaces.

2) Convertible Furniture: How about a coffee table that converts into a dining table for ten people, a sofa that becomes a bunk bed or even a coffee table console that houses a sand box for cats? These are just some examples of some very innovative and creative convertible furniture that are available in the market and oriented to small living spaces pieces. Convertible furniture allows you to have all the basic pieces of furniture you need for your convenience in daily life as well as parts you may need to use occasionally, like when entertaining.

3) The cabinet as: customizing the closet is a growing market in the contracting company. Closet, which is simply a cavity in the walls of your house can become a highly efficient space that allows homeowners to accommodate two, three or even four times the amount of clothing, household items and staff at the same amount of space. Some companies that specialize in conversions of the closet even offer three-dimensional drawings via software. This software allows a homeowner to see your custom closet in three dimensions, from all angles, during the planning phase.

4) storage under the bed and other creative storage ideas: The empty space is wasted space in a town home or condo. Instead, the owners make use of every bit of space, such as under the bed and other furniture, walls and ceilings, even for storage. Sub-drawer are popular. They can be built in or separate versions can be purchased and simply slipped under your existing furniture. Shelves makes use of wall space otherwise unused and shelves can even hang from the ceiling.

Creative solutions are small living space in the price, but there is a solution for every lifestyle and budget. Creative thinking is the key to maximize every square meter townhouse compact cube.

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