Design as you like, love resonates with your mind


The dispersed cushions, hanging plants, engraved on the walls of Krishna and Ganesha, the ancient sculptures of lotus and chakra, land of earthy wood as well spiritual and the cleaning of the aura that emerges from my house is my connection with my place of Birth, Beautiful India
My house is an extension of my personality, ever changing, never standing still, the spirit of bohemian pleasure deeply touched my soul. Fly to temples or the river Ganges, the walls speak to me and take me. Whether it’s a wonderful embroidered kutch tapestry with mirrors, every hand-stitched yarn, embellished and worn over time or a zardozi knife opaque wall upholstery that beckons me with sparks.

Minimal, modern urban chic or maximum bohemian? Let your imagination fly by, playing with darker and darker patterns or pashmina Paisley throws sweet Jamavar! The colors and patterns of Indian tapestries are fascinating and daring. Align the patchwork work pillows like a valance treatment or window and hang pure curtains, creating a design that is your own expression.

Staggering tapestries that collide in their colors and designs, taking their highest stairs in the kingdoms of the palaces of India. Be your own creation with old crows and wooden moldings as hangers of tapestries. You can not go wrong, everything is a mix of your design. The old terrace or Jharokhas windows make beautiful wall art and they become even more creative by using them to display their art or pictures.

The turquoise cabinets, camels and elephants, brass carved coffers, banks of old oxen tanks were covered in old wood anguish that transport the immensity of the universe, Indian antiques are the furniture reports fair you need. Handmade and exotic designs are a mixture of Haveli pitching and simpler British colonial design.

The ancient gates of India are a simple wall to take a whole new dimension, go to the door or the door of OM Shekhawati, resulting in the garden of the Sheikh. Carved with beautiful floral designs and desert patinas, old doors add character to your home.

The printed Mandala covers are the perfect backdrop for your informal living room where the statues of Shiva Saraswati and reproduce the music of divine love. Cascade water with pot pants and sand stone sculptures in the Bodhgaya area, the Buddha place, the energy is huge. Come, explore and find treasures, beautiful hand carved and perfectly sculpted garden statues that demonstrate your mind. Design as you would with love resonating with your mind.

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