Common Commercial Cleaning Products

If you plan to hire someone who is an expert in commercial cleaning in Melbourne, you want to learn about the kinds of products that are commonly used in commercial cleaning because you may want to only use cleaning products that are safe and eco-friendly for your office and health of workers.

Green Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Thanks to the growing interest in green living, professionals who specialise in commercial cleaning in Melbourne now have access to green cleaning supplies. One such item is oxygen bleach and this is slowly replacing the strongly-fumed chlorine bleach. Another green commercial cleaner is eco-friendly all-purpose cleaners that do not have ammonia but instead safer ingredients such as baking soda, lemon oil, water, hydrogen peroxide and herbal oils for a good scent. Some professionals get these supplies online while others get them from wholesalers.

Top Commercial Cleaning Products

Although it is not a green cleaning product, chlorine bleach is very popular in
commercial cleaning and it is highly effective in eliminating tough stains and germs off surfaces. Chlorine bleach is especially used in places such as restaurants, hotels, public restrooms, and sometimes daycares since it is important to sanitise environments where children spend a lot of time. An ingredient that is common in food establishments is the degreaser.


It is important that you know which supplies the commercial cleaning professional because you want to make sure that the supplies are safe and that will best sanitise the surfaces in the company’s surfaces. You can research the different commercial cleaning products that are currently on the market and this gives you the confidence you need when you meet with the commercial cleaning professional.

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