Attic ventilation for a roof system

roof system
roof system

The importance of ventilation for the longevity of your roof and the energy efficiency of your home can not be overstated. If you want to get everything you can from your roof, the first step is to check if you have enough ventilation. The correct amount of air in your attic will serve multiple purposes and once you get it right you will get a return on your investment.

During the summer, the heat will rise to the top of your attic with no way to dissipate. This lack of air circulation will cause warm and humid air to accumulate. If this humidity can not escape, it accumulates and damages the poles, the insulation, the roof and everything in the attic. If you have herpes zoster with nails, it is usually a symptom of poor air flow. Add strong winds and you will lose shingles or at least those shingles will be compromised. Without the cooler inlet air and the warmer air flowing in, mold and mildew accumulation could occur. This buildup of mold can be detrimental to the health of your family and, if it gets out of control, it can be costly to alleviate. If you think your HVAC system is working too much, it could be due to the amount of heat that seeps into the attic. The heat increases, but when it rises against an envelope of warmer air that settles. It is installed in your home, which makes your air conditioner work more and more time, which creates a greater energy consumption.

During winter, the problem of increasing moist air, as mentioned above, is aggravated because warm, moist air condenses on cold surfaces. Decomposing insulation, rotten wood and mold are exaggerated, but winter has other unique complications. Poor ventilation causes warm, moist air to accumulate in the upper part of the attic. The combination of this and the heat from the sun on the roof will melt the snow that flows on the roof to freeze again at the edge of the roofs. This cycle creates an ice barrier. The ice barrier will force the melted water under the tiles and it will escape behind the rotten roof covering and filter into your home. Leaks are rarely noticed immediately and the source can be difficult to find, even for an expert roofing contractor. Thousands of dollars in damage may have been produced before the leak was noticed.

If you are not sure that your attic is well ventilated, you should call a roofing contractor and have it checked. The cost of such inspection is minimal if it is not free. The cost of repairing or replacing a roof or repairing the damage caused by a water leak in your home could cost you thousands.

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