A lamp for every room in your home

I can never get tired of watching a lamp that is why I have a certain element in every room of my house. If people collect cars, clothes, shoes, dishes, tablecloths and love, I collect screen. I love how it looks, and frankly, it is a good accessory for any room. Illuminates an area. Lights and all space is revitalized. If there is something I can not live without, it is certainly a lamp.

I think the light removes curses or vibration. No wonder I feel good when my lamp is on My sisters tell me Accessories lamp more, but I beg to differ. That’s just my style. Some people like Italian furniture. Some want a retro style. Others are in the wood and rustic. But for me, it’s my home lighting effect. It’s just me.

A screen of my room …

Some people believe that the best shade for your rooms are the Tiffany lamps. For me, I want those you have a contemporary style. I have a California King size bed. Oh, yes, it’s huge. My husband and I love the space. We like to ride on it, literally. And so, with this modern type of bed, comes with a modern feel like in our room – Contemporary screen.

I have an all white room. Everything is walls of pure white linen, curtains, tables, chairs, carpets, telephone, desk and of course my contemporary table lamps. I bought it for $ 49.99 each at Ikea and is called Torsbo. It is so relaxing, emitting a soft light; truly a delight. I’m a fan of it so that I can sleep at night.

A screen of my bathroom …

While it is common to have a bathroom wall or ceiling lights, I have a table lamp in mine. My bathroom is not just a regular swimming area. It is a dual function, since it is also my foot in the hall closet. I needed a perfect light so I can clearly see my clothes, my makeup and you know, just for the heck of it, my favorite home accessories, table display.

The shadow of transition put in my bathroom is a piece of rattan False at a local store. I think I bought it for $ 100. The design for my dressing room bar is overload nature. So parquet, drawers, cupboards, drawers and a garden fountain next to my bathroom. Faux rattan lamp fits perfectly – having a piece of floor and desk. This room has worldwide acclaim.

A screen of my kitchen …

Oh yeah! I have a shadow of the kitchen table. I have this on my cooking named AMORE. It is a wooden dining set for two. You can tell that this is a simple little table record, but it’s our time table. I have a mini Tiffany lamp. I watched was nice when we ate at a restaurant in Milan. They had dimmed lights everywhere and a Tiffany lamp on each table. That’s how I felt inspired.

My shadow on the table is about 11 inches high (if small) and has a glass shade. Yellow and brown bronze is and is called Z-lite I buy with my bathroom lighting. He scalloped glass shade and light emits an amber tone. Divina.

So there you have it. I dropped everything I have and everything that is dear to me. I opened my home and my heart. Just wanted to share that even most unusual place; you can put almost anything on and on it. A lamp in each room is just heavenly.

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