How to Dye Kitchen Cabinets

The staining kitchen cabinets, and how to prepare for the stain depends on what you start.

You build your own cabinets?
Their cabinets are unfinished in his garage waiting to be installed?
Your cabinets are new and already installed but need color?
You deprive your cabinets and then re-staining and finishing?
Or are you going to try their luck face again?

You will prepare and stain a little different for each of the above situations; However, there are some basic steps and supplies are universal when you are staining kitchen cabinets.

List of basic supplies you will need:

a good place (I like a good patch of oil, as oil-based stain cleaning Sherwin-Williams)
sandpaper (150-320 grit)
saw horses or spot on the workbench
drop the clothes / carton
cotton rags
pieces of carpet or other tool to apply the color (the right rug works well to get into the nooks and crannies)
clothing / shoes you do not mind getting dirty (stains persist – it’s a good idea to invest in an apron body does not care deteriorate)
dust mask / respirator
latex or rubber
lacquer thinner or acetone (to remove stains out of place where you do not want – as hinges or on earth; if you can not, use finger nail polish, most contain acetone)
region to work in well ventilated
area dry wood

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