How “green” bamboo flooring is anyway?

In recent years there has been a large focus on public policies that respect the environment. In the construction sector this trend is evident in many areas not least, is the huge increase in the use of bamboo flooring products. In the construction sector, there are programs in place that manufacturers rewarded with credits for their “green builders” certificate of incorporation of bamboo products in their construction projects. Bamboo flooring has been hailed as First a green building material by US Green Building Council. Bamboo flooring has also become a favorite of architects and interior designers eager to put the “green” buffer environmentally conscious about their work. The owner search for flats average replacement is so willing to do their part for the environment while gathering “new chic” look in your home. After all, what could be cooler than a Prius in his garage and bamboo on your land?

No need to dig very deep to see that bamboo flooring has strongly embraced the green movement without serious attempts to determine its net environmental impact after taking into account all contributing factors. And what are the factors that determine the total environmental impact of a floor covering material are anyway?
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