The Many Types of Home Decor

With so many different kinds of home décor available, where do you start? Go back to the Victorian-era and walk into any prominent families home and you will find basically the same style…Victorian of course! Today, if you walk into most anyone’s home whether prominent or not, you will have better luck at being struck by lightning than finding two homes that look quite the same.

What kinds of home décor are readily available today? Well, this list is long and not nearly complete, but here goes. You have the traditional styles most think of in an American home including country, Now, the term country can branch off into many different categories such as French country, English country, American country, primitive country, rustic country, and country cottage just to name a few. Those are just types of country décor…nothing else except country. As you can see, the types of home décor are honestly limitless.

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