2 ways to unlock a lock

lockDo you have a security lock in your house? If you lose your key, you should not worry. While the lock is very strong, is simple so you can easily unlock it. Here are two ways you can unlock.

Choose a lock

The act of unlock using tools that mimic the actions of the key. The good news is that most cylinder locks has five pins, as ordinary locks spring.

For you to choose the block you need two tools: a tool torque and a tool of choice. Both tools must be strong thin piece of metal as sweeper bristles.

Before taking the lock must ensure that there is no obstruction in the block that prevents the insertion of collection tools. Once you have removed the obstacles you have to insert the torque wrench in the lower half of the lock, and then turn the tool a little to one side as if the lock with a key opens.

You must run back and forth selection tool along the top half of the lock until the lock is released.

Lock Bumping

Here is necessary to insert a special key in the lock and shake or downloading until you activate and unlock the locking mechanism. The key strokes has the same shape as the regular key, but tend to their sharp teeth.

You must enter the key in the lock of the bumper. The best way to insert key is hitting its upper end. When you reach the key you have to hit hard enough to Jounce above. While you should hit hard, you should avoid hitting very hard, because it breaks the key.

To avoid breaking the key you need to make sure that it is made of harder material. A key made of a hard material also ensures that the key will not go too deep or become unrecoverable.

Remember that the key bumping is a dangerous business, as it can easily destroy the lock. To avoid damaging the lock must be very careful.


These are two of the most effective ways to unlock a security lock. As mentioned above, you should be very careful when you press the lock. If you are facing problems unlock should consider hiring the services of a professional locksmith to help.

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